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The compas clock

12 beat compás? The typical accents that are indicated on this page are the “home base” compás patterns that dictate the unique rhythmic structure of these song forms. My focus here is on rhythmic structures that have a cycle of 12 beats. Keep in mind that by definition a 2 beat (Tarantos), 4 beat (Farruca),… Continue Reading

What is compas

This is the metered out rhythm, or beat cycle of a dance/song form. It is the basic element of flamenco rhythm. Specifically, compás is a recurring cycle of beats analogous to a bar of music. The beat cycle may be 2, 4, 6, 8 or 12 beats, depending on the rhythmic form. Although there are… Continue Reading

Flamenco metronomes

Flamenco Metronome Compás 4.0 from Gerhard Graf-Martinez Flamenco metronome for Mac/Win and app: Hear and see the Flamenco beats and the rhythm in the Flamenco styles. Flamenco Metronome and Compas Visible shows every guitarist a safe way to play in the compás. How to count the Flamenco rhythms. Using the flamenco clock (reloj flamenco). Demo… Continue Reading

Compas groups

A chart showing how song and dance forms naturally fall into generic compas groups. The 4 beat column classifies also those forms normally counted in 8’s. The 3 beat column classifies also those forms normally counted in 6’s Another group list This list includes many lesser known flamenco forms that you may never come across.… Continue Reading