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Song regions

Flamenco song regions in Andalucia  Regional variations Each of the 8 provinces of Andalucia has developed song forms that are specific to it. Even within each province there are variations that are specific to a particular area within the province. For example, Fandangos de Huelva is specific to the province of Huelva. Fandangos de Málaga is… Continue Reading

Tempos and moods

Emotive expressionFlamenco has been defined as “an expression of the human condition”. I like that. Traditionally, each form has a unique emotional atmosphere connected with it. The best way to experience this is to listen to traditional style singing recordings. You can really feel the agony and the ecstasy expressed in these songs. If a… Continue Reading

Compas groups

A chart showing how song and dance forms naturally fall into generic compas groups. The 4 beat column classifies also those forms normally counted in 8’s. The 3 beat column classifies also those forms normally counted in 6’s Another group list This list includes many lesser known flamenco forms that you may never come across.… Continue Reading