Lessons and info for the nylon string guitarist

Guitar Lessons Disclaimer

Guitar lessons disclaimer

  • I can only teach you the way I play. I am not Paco de Lucia or Segovia or anyone else. I am me
    and what you see is what you get. Just watch a few of my videos and ask yourself,
    “Do I want to play like this guy?” If the answer is “Yes!”, then I
    can help. Before you get too involved here’s a simple test. Try some of the things in the free
    lessons. If you like what you see but they seem hard at this time….Good. We can work with
  • I do not claim that what I do is the only way or the best way. What I teach are techniques that
    work for me. Start with a belief that they will work for you and we are half way there already. The
    only thing left to do is practice.
  • I do not pretend to teach any typical methods or styles that are used by other
    flamenco or classical guitarists. I think it’s useful to present the different methods of playing
    for comparison purposes, but at the end of the day I can only effectively help you with the methods
    I use myself.

  • One of the questions I get asked a lot is “How long will it take me to learn this or that?” I am
    not the one playing your guitar so I cannot tell you how soon you will get a decent sound with
    rasgueados or whatever. These things take time to develop. I make no guarantees or predictions that
    you will get the results you want within a given time frame.

  • Finally, if you want guitar “tricks”, Mickey Mouse short cuts and miracles you have
    definitely come to the wrong place. Learning flamenco in particular is all about progressive
    and disciplined training of both hands, as well as a “never give up” attitude to
    practice. If you’re not afraid of applying some discipline to your life you will surely
    be rewarded for your hard work. That is one thing I can guarantee. Not only will
    you get a priceless sense of accomplishment, but you will also get to own a set of dynamic
    guitar skills that will give you a lifetime of playing pleasure.