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Flamingo Eyeball

Flamingo Eyeball
A Variety of nylon string guitar styles

Guitar: Sal Bonavita

Playing time: 62 min


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  1. Escobilla (trad: flamenco)
  2. Fandangos (trad: flamenco)
  3. Buleria (trad: flamenco)
  4. Siguiriya (trad: flamenco)
  5. A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square
  6. Flamenco bubbles (S. Bonavita)
    [audio:http://www.nylonguitarist.com/audio/s-flamingo_eyeball-06-flamenco_bubbles.mp3|titles=Flamenco bubbles]
  7. Coconut Woman (Belafonte / Burgess)
    [audio:http://www.nylonguitarist.com/audio/s-flamingo_eyeball-07-coconut_woman_take_2.mp3|titles=Coconut woman]
  8. Granadinas (J. Martin)
  9. Greensleeves (Anon)
  10. Colombianas (P.Pena)
  11. Flamingo eyeball (A. Shearer / S. Bonavita)
  12. Ragtime Medley:
    Your Mother Should Know (Lennon / McCartney)
    Maxwell’s silver hammer (Lennon / McCartney)
    Anji variations (Davey Graham / S. Bonavita)
    Alley cat (Frank Bjorn)
  13. Recuerdos de la Alhambra (Francisco Tarrega)
  14. Romanza – Standard and Ragtime versions (Anon)
  15. 5 Sevillanas duets (trad: flamenco)
  16. Sons de Carrilhões (Joao Pernambuco)
  17. Suzanne (Leonard Cohen)
  18. Zapateado (J. Martin)


This CD is a compilation showing various nylon guitar styles I like to play. These tracks were recorded at various times over the last ten years and may vary (ever so slightly) in audio quality and bass and treble levels. I have remastered the audio as best I could to make the overall sound quality as consistent as possible.

Additional Acknowledgements

Tracks 1 to 4 These tracks are from my Flamenco Dance Forms CD I originally recorded these in 1999 as practice tracks for dance students. Most of the content is the same type of improvised rhythm I used in dance classes and stage performances. The falsetas (melodic passages) come from many sources including Juan Martin’s guitar method. El Arte Flamenco De La Guitarra. Juan Martin has a copy of this CD.

Track 8 & 18 These is lifted directly from the Juan Martin’s “El Arte” Method. In Granadinas, I added my own bits including a small section of “Asturias” by Isaac Albeniz. Some of the ideas for my tremolo section came from the Ivor Mairants flamenco method (1958). The arpeggio section near the end was dreamed up after a heavy night at the pub

Track 10 This is a recital from Paco Pena’s book Toques Flamencos

Track 11
This is based on Danza by Aaron Shearer from “Classical Guitar Technique Volume 2”.

Track 12
The two Lennon / McCartney songs are ragtime arrangements by Eric Schoenberg from his book Fingerpicking Beatles. Alley cat is a simplified version of an arrangement by Mario Abril. This can be found in the book “Popular Songs for Classical Guitar”, published in 1972 by Charles Hansen Music & Books.