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Flamenco metronomes

Flamenco Metronome Compás 4.0
from Gerhard Graf-Martinez
Flamenco metronome 4

Flamenco metronome for Mac/Win and app: Hear and see the Flamenco beats and the rhythm in the
Flamenco styles. Flamenco Metronome and Compas Visible shows every guitarist a safe way to play
in the compás. How to count the Flamenco rhythms. Using the flamenco clock (reloj flamenco).
Demo download available.

Flamenco Compas

Free Online flamenco metronome
flamenco compas

Flamenco Master
Download from Old School Flamenco Foro
Flamenco master

Open metronome


Open Metronome

A free, open source metronome for Windows and Windows Mobile.
Easily program 12 beat compas


My own design

If you like to dabble in electronics, this circuit could help you pass the time. I designed it as a
class project when I was doing my electronics course a few years ago.

Yes! I did built a prototype and it does work. There’s no reason why it shouldn’t. The design is pretty
simple and anyone with a basic knowledge of digital electronics will be able to work it out with no
problem. There is one working metronone in Malta that was built from this circuit.

I know it can be improved upon with faster IC chips and multicolored LEDs etc, but I’ll leave that up to
you. Sorry, I don’t have a printed circuit board design for it. I dismantled it years ago and used the
parts for other projects. I now use computer software to generate flamenco rhythms to practice with.

Download the circuit schematic, parts list and operation details.
met.zip (147Kb)
Print it out on A4 size paper.



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