Lessons and info for the nylon string guitarist

DVD Rom 2009

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Music and Video 2009 DVD Rom
Guitar: Sal Bonavita

This is a data DVD designed specifically for computer use only.
See notes below.

What’s on this DVD

Videos – 65 performance videos – with mp3 soundtracks
Lessons – 44 Lesson Videos
Audio – 2 complete music CDs in mp3 format – with cover art
Nearly 3 hours of video

Inbuilt media player

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In 3 different formats (Avi, flv and Wmv)

Bulerias, Colombiana, Farruca, Granadinas, Guajiras, Herencia Latina, Rumba, Sevillanas, Tarantos, Zapateado

Flamenco Style
Carcassi por buleria, flamenco bubbles, The Godfather, Viva Espana, Watercolors

Classical guitar
Angie, Annies song, Autumn leaves, Bolero, Catalan folksong, Dance of the hours, Danza, Feelings, Floating arpeggio, Floating Tremolo, Greensleeves, Recuerdos de la Alhambra, Romance, Rondo, Sound of bells, Strangers in the night, Take-five

Coney Island cakewalk, Maxwells silver hammer, Romance ragtime, Your mother should know

A nightingale sang in Berkeley Square, Alley cat, Angel, Coconut woman, Dance the night away, Dark eyes, Dead pirate song, Dona dona, Freight train, House on the hill, I want you.. I need you.. I love you, I was the one, I will, Jamaica farewell, Lucille, Pearly shells, Show me the way to go home, Suzanne, Teddybears picnic, The drovers dream, The fox, The owl and the pussycat, the wild rover, What now.. what next.. where to

Lessons – 44 lesson videos – Close up Rasgueados, Picado, Nail care, etc

Audio – 2 complete CDs in mp3 format with cover art

flamingo eyeball flamenco dance forms
Flamenco Dance Forms Flamingo Eyeball


Please note

  1. This DVD is NOT an organised “how to” learning course or anything like that. It is simply a complete collection of Videos and Audio from the Nylon Guitarist website up to Oct 2009.
  2. This DVD is for home computer use only. It will not work in an audio CD player or a DVD video player. You simply put it into your computer’s DVD drive and an intereactive menu pops up. No other claims are made for this product.
  3. Will this DVD work on a Mac computer? I know now it does work well on Mac OS X 10.6.4 Snow Leopard.
  4. No Sheet music is included on this DVD