Lessons and info for the nylon string guitarist


About Nylon Guitarist

Nylon Guitarist is a product of Australia

The focus of this site is on learning advanced fingerstyle techniques.

This includes:

red aquare dot Flamenco

red aquare dot Classical

red aquare dot Folk picking (song accompaniment)

red aquare dot Ragtime

The nylon string guitar does not have to be boring I am here to help you master this instrument without getting bored to death. The focus here is on playing the instrument, not getting bogged down with music theory. My aim is to demonstrate that playing finger style on a nylon string guitar can be interesting and fun.

The Nylon Guitarist Manifesto.

Here you will find:
Information about playing fingerstyle on a nylon string guitar .

This means you have come to the WRONG place if you’re looking for infomation about:

  • Playing with a plectrum or (God fobid) fingerpicks
  • Steel string acoustic guitars
  • Music genres like Blues, Heavy Metal, Indie, Punk etc
  • Pentatonic scales
  • Anything to do with electric guitar
  • Modes and similar music theory
  • Shredding, power chords, effects pedals, Etc, etc

I do not use terms like Guitar God or kick ass licks. Nor do I perform on stage bare chested wearing tight jeans or have extremely long hair. I do not screw up my face and shake my head a lot while I effortlessly rip through soaring solos under colored spotlights. I do however sweat profusely and occasionally thrust my pelvis erotically towards all the adoring groupies in the front row. NOT

Please. Let’s keep it real. If you want to learn flamenco strumming techniques and other challenging fingerstyle methods then…

Welcome Aboard…

You have come to the RIGHT place.