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4 stroke rasgueado – i e a m


4 stroke rasgueado – i e a m

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4 stroke rasgueado – i e a m
Playing time: 0.13

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The video shows:
arrow A single i e a m 4 stroke rasgueado.

arrow Multiple i e a m 4 stroke rasgueados played in a continuous sequence.

The “start” position shown above applies only to a single rasgueado. This is actually the same picture as the “m” position. This is where you end up after a single sequence, basically ready for the next “i” downstroke if you going to continue playing another 4 stroke sequence. As the “i” finger strikes downwards, the other three fingers (e a m) are brought up at the same time to get the “e” finger (pinky) ready to play the next stroke.

In a continuous sequence, once the “i” finger has played it’s stroke you can forget about the “start” position and just play “i e a m i e a m” continuously.

Index finger golpe
Apart from being the strongest finger and giving good accents on the first stroke of this type of rasgueado, the index finger downbeat can be combined with a golpe if necessary. The Soleá demos show how this is used to accent beats 3 and 6 of the 12 beat compás.

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